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Pictures from the family estate in Kastensmåla in southern Småland
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Pictures from the family estate in Kastensmåla in southern Småland
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Pictures from the family estate in Kastensmåla in southern Småland


About us


- staff who have thorough wood know-how

- Flexible staff who can easily switch between sawing logs, bundle lumber and grading lumber according to its strength; C-24 etc

- The optimal location; in the middle of the forest, close to the timber supply, close to road 23, a “stone’s throw” from the birth place of IKEA, Älmhult, in Southern Sweden.

- Complete set of machinery and equipment, covering everything from circular saw production line to planning and trimming

- Quick decision making at the “fika” (daily coffee break) where all staff participate and most of the decisions are made


The sawmill in Hökön was established at its present location in Hökön in 1947. The company was owned by Svenska Stålpressningen (a steel pressing mill) in Olofström, and this company also ran a large peat bog outside of Hökön. The sawmill was run in its own company, Ållekulla AB.

Svenska Stållpressningen sold the company to Skåneskog Ekonomisk Förening in 1972. The company was acquired by Lönsboda Träförädling in 1978 and investments were made in a combined raw and dry sorting line with 35 compartments, three chamber driers and a planning mill with a cutting line. Additionally, 5,000 square metres of timber warehouses for storage of sawn wood were built.

In 1989 the business was sold to AB Möckelns Sågverk. The operations were coordinated with Möckelngruppen and the production line was focused on sawing pinewood, and to a lesser extent sawing larch wood. When AB Möckelns Sågverk in Älmhult was closed down, Möckeln Wood AB was formed, with start of production in January 2012.

History in summary:

1947 The sawmill in Hökön is established at its current location
1972 Svenska Stålpressningen AB sells the business to Skåneskog Ekonomisk förening
1978 Lönsboda Träförädling AB acquires the business
1982-85 Investments are made in a combined raw and dry sorting line, chamber driers, a planning mill with a cutting line and timber warehouses
1989 AB Möckelns Sågverk acquires the business
1992 Investments are made in sprinklers
2007 Investments are made in a 3 MW kiln and four chamber driers
2012-13 Investments are made to improve the working environment
2013 Investments are made in improved workshop and sawfiling facilities
2017 Investments are made in the planing mill to improve the lumber intake, and improved control system of the driers
2017 70 year anniversary
2018-2019 Investments are made in a new wood bundling production line after the existing planing mill, including label machine
2021 A cooperation with the family owned Polish company Prawda is initiated, entailing both pine and birch for furniture production. Deliveries are made both raw/undried and dried to 8-10% remaining moisture.

Prawda is a supplier to IKEA since more than 30 years.

Sawing pine and birch in the circular saw production line was started again in the autumn of 2021 after being mothballed for four years
2022 The efficiency of the chamber driers have been increased through an investment in improved control equipment
Aerial photograph of Hökönsågen
Aerial photograph of Hökönsågen
Hökönsågen, previously Ållekulla AB
Hökönsågen, previously Ållekulla AB
Medarbetarna framför trucken
The first forklift truck of the sawmill
The first forklift truck of the sawmill, made by the repairman Uno Lindkvist, early 1950’s.


Equipment: Make:
Circular saw production line ARI
Raw and dry sorting line C. Gunnarsson
Planing Weinig/Waco
Band saw cutting line Stenner
Chainsaw cutting line STIHL/Holtec
Driers Nardi


Plot size: 74 000 square metres, mainly tarmac covered
Timber warehouse: 5 000 square metres

What we offer

On demand sawing

On demand drying

On demand trimming

On demand planing

Bundle lumber and grading lumber according to its strength; C-24 etc

Sawn wood, pinewood, spruce or larch

Other products

Cutter shavings


Wood chips

Pine bark

Wood pellets (8mm, bagged on pallet)

Stock of raw materials, spruce three meter
Stock of raw materials, spruce three meter
Spruce, three meter long, stored before dryer
Spruce, three meter long, stored before dryer

Certification and environment

Responsible forestry is important to us, with care taken both of the environment and future generations.

Möckeln Wood AB is certified through membership in the PanCert AB producer group certificate CoC-Chain of Custody

PanCert AB PanCert - Certification throughout the country

The certificates can be seen here, where certificate codes are shown:

You can find information about the company in the certification database:

In the case of criticism of our Chain of Custody, please contact us at the company:

Environmental policy

Möckeln Wood AB must, as a consumer of forest raw materials and with a wood processing industry, work to ensure that the business is conducted in as gentle a manner as possible, for the environment and for the employees.

We must comply with current legislation and follow PEFC and FSC requirements and intentions, and as far as possible make sure that the raw material does not come from illegal or unauthorized harvesting by the authorities, forest areas where traditional or civil rights are violated, forests where high conservation values are threatened, genetically engineered trees or natural forest that has been felled for the purpose of using the area for plantations or non-forest land use.

Comply with the ILO's core conventions regarding:

    Child labour
    Forced labour
    Discrimination in the workplace
    Join the union, and collective agreement

The business must be conducted and improved in such a way that the possible negative impact on the environment is reduced.

The raw material must, to the greatest possible extent, come from environmentally friendly certified forestry. Möcken Wood AB must work to increase this volume.

We must responsibly fulfill our commitments to employees, society, the environment and contractors.

The staff must be trained and informed so that they can fulfill the above requirements and intentions.

Möckeln Wood AB also holds following certificates: